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Sorry I haven’t posted much recently, I’ve just been really busy; I’m going to be straight back on it this week

Water DOESN’T conduct electricity

Another huge but entirely reasonable myth that science teachers worldwide have been fooling us for years with. Water. 

Of course it conducts electricity, right? Wrong!

Most people have witnessed it in little experiments conducted chemistry classes. Well, the truth is that the water that we know and love is in fact, unpure. Tap water, and even bottled water, contains several minerals and chemicals that DO conduct electricity, however pure water wouldn’t be able to do this.

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Man survives 70 years without food or water

The Indian Military are currently studying a man who has apparently survived for the past 70 years without consuming any food or water.

Doctors confirmed at a press conference (in the link) that the man had been in the hospital for 108 hours without eating or drinking. The 82 year old man says that he hasn’t ate or drank since the age of 11.

Research into how this man has survived can lead to incredible biological developments that, for example, could be used in sending astronauts to the edge of the solar system - Last I heard it cost NASA $10,000 in fuel for every gram in weight sent to the moon, imagine how much more cost effective it would be if they didn’t have a food budget to sustain astronauts for however many years it takes them to get to Pluto.

I’m usually sceptical about stories like that, but
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Hidden floors on skyscrapers?

Countries that suffer widespread triskaidekaphobia, will miss out an entire floor on their skyscraper building plan. That is, not many buildings will have a 13th floor.

As illogical as this is, it is true. Why tempt fate? This includes countries like the United States and England, so you will struggle to find a 13th floor on a skyscaper in either New York or London.

Or is it completely logical? We cannot deny that there are people in the world who believe in “stupid” superstitions so much that they affect decisions in their life, I strongly believe in Karma, and I know lots of people who would cry if they broke a mirror, or throw salt over their shoulder if they knocked it down, why tempt fate?

These superstitions manifest themselves into the real world. So back to the 13th floor, in a residential building, a landlord instantly rules out the ability to rent to superstitious tenant, and I can’t imagine many companys who want their business to be based on the 13th floor whether the Managing Director is superstitious or not!

So… It’s completely logical that skyscapers don’t have a 13th floor :-)

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I have been struggling to find facts that I can interestingly explain, so I am considering adding a few one liners between the “essay facts”, they will be serving as fillers, but the original format of FYF will still be maintained.

In some countries it is your legal right to have the internet

At some point last year, Finland was the first country to declare that having access to the internet is a legal right. Since then, other countries such as France have joined in and now countries like the US and the UK are really begining to lag behind.

At the moment people in Finland have the legal right to have access to 1 megabit broadband, and there are plans to expand this to 100 megabit by 2015.

100 megabit broadband is becoming more and more common in countries such as Korea (The good one) and Japan.

The UK and other quick-to-develop countries really shot themselves in the foot by building the communication infrastructure when the technology was in it’s infancy stage, the wires which are incredibly expensive to replace are slowly being converted to fibre optic cabling (the latest technology) whilst slow-to-develop countries like Korea were able to install fibre optics straight away, and have thus been enjoying 100 megabit broadband for years.

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The bees are dying - we are all doomed!

Due to disease rapidly spreading amongst the bee population, the fate of humanity also lies in the balance. This may sound a bit Hollywood to you, but it is a genuine concern.

The honey making stingers we all know to fear have been rapidly decreasing in numbers for quite a few years now, although the government hasn’t invested in enough research to get to the root, or solve, the problem.

Surely we can survive without honey though, right? Wrong. Bees do much more than produce honey, they maintain the very ecosystem that we live in. A lot of plants actually rely on honey bees to pollinate/reproduce, as bees take pollen from one flower to the next, they allow them to spread their seeds.

Without bees, a lot of species of plants cannot reproduce, this would result in a fatal drop in oxygen (because plants convert carbon dioxide to oxygen), and if you can’t figure out the rest from there, there’s no hope for us any way.

So next time a bee wanders into your house, try to let it live, it has more problems to deal with than headbutting windows.

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Total Solar Eclipses

The odds of total eclipses actually happening are tremendous, and we are probably at the only stage in human history that humans will ever get to experience one. Count yourself very very very lucky.

A total solar eclipse is when the moon completely blocks out the sun. We had one a few years back and there will be another in a few years. Although one day our moon will just completely stop doing this (human terms we are talking AGES away, although it is really just a blip in time that this is happening).

The eclipse happens because due to incredible circumstance, the moon is not only 400x smaller than the sun, but it is also 400x closer to the Earth than the sun is. This is how the moon fits into place so well a total solar eclipse actually does happen. If you consider the size ranges of planets, moons and stars, this is pretty amazing.

To make things even more impossible, the moon is actually moving further away from the Earth every year, at a distance of 3.8cm to be pretty exact. This means that in the past, and in the future, the moon’s size/distance ratio with the sun wont be the same. Meaning no total solar eclipse.

The moon used to be about 10x closer to the Earth as it is now, starting off at about 25,000 miles away, it is now 250,000 miles away. The theory is that it was formed when another planet collided into the Earth, the that orbited the planet eventually turned into the moon.

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Why do flies like weird things like poo and lights?

Flies (and a lot of other insects) are dumb things aren’t they? They are attracted to the weirdest things, but why?

I started this post talking about lights, but then I realised, they also hang around decay (for example, poo), so I’m going to answer both questions, which have two completely opposite explanations.

First off, lights. Flies are attracted to lights because they have simply evolved into it over thousands of years. Traditionally flies have an increased chance of survival when they are closest to the world’s most natural light, the moon. A lot of their predators (Frogs, for example) are restricted to the ground level, so they head to lights when they sense danger.

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Then we come to the interesting topic of poo….

Unlike how flies have evolved to be attracted to lights to survive, they haven’t evolved an effective digestive system like humans. Their bodies cannot break down food as well as other animals can.

"Normal food" is the equivelant to a fly as to what a cow is to a human. We need somebody else to process the cow into something that we can actually eat. This is why they prefer broken down food to unbroken down food. Although they will still have a go at our food…

If a fly lands on your food don’t eat it!! To digest unbroken down food they vomit on it (which breaks it down) before they eat it!

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I missed a post yesterday due to having an overly awesome weekend - I may be a smart arse but I still know how to party. I’m gonna count this as two facts.

Farmville is more popular than all of Twitter

Farmville, the Facebook Application that tempts me to delete friends all too many times, has a considerable amount of more visitors than Twitter, the website that many marketing analysts are touting as the future.

The article I’m referencing was published four months ago but the figures are so strong that this is unlikely to have changed, however Farmville commands about 70 million active monhtly visitors whilst Twitter has an estimate of only about 18 million.

Neither could touch Facebook which at the same time had 350 million active users, although still - how many people actively use your tumblr?

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Immortality is a reality

Immortality isn’t as impossible as we have come to think, unfortunately, humans don’t have such an ability, however… A certain species of jellyfish (and tree) can get away with it.

The turritopsis nutricula, or immortal jellyfish for you and me, is only ~5mm in size, and has the ability to regress back to it’s infancy stage, which means that it doesn’t have to get old. The immortal jellyfish can do this as much as it likes, forever. Unfortunately these immortals can still be killed in other ways, such as being eaten, and most won’t live past the age of 10 years. Such a waste.

There is also a tree that preceded dinosaurs that is technically immortal because basically the entire forest is made up of one root system (like siamese twins sharing the same organs), and every time a new tree grows it just extends the same tree. I cannot find information about this tree though, I forgot it’s name which doesn’t help.

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